Business Insurance Magazine held their 2018 Women to Watch Awards & Leadership Conference EMEA (Europe/Middle East/Africa) on November 16th. The Women to Watch Awards is the only recognition program that celebrates leading women from every facet of the commercial insurance industry. The conference is a professional development and networking conference and was added to the Business Insurance Women to Watch recognition program in 2011 to address the advantages of achieving greater gender diversity in leadership roles.

ISC Founder, Barbara Schonhofer, was the Key Note speaker for this event and delivered an excellent presentation to all of the attendees. At the conference Barbara presented on the topic of “Career Success- A Personal Journey” and discussed how you can make personal steps to advance your career.

Barbara shared the following points:

Prepare for your next step: It is important to be more self aware, have focus, think through a strategy and seek out mentors or contact your network to help expand your circle of influence.

Embrace Opportunity: In order to embrace opportunity you should put yourself forward, be well prepared with fresh research, know what you want and why and be able to express clearly what you will bring to the role and to the company.

Interview Well: During the interview you should always listen carefully and be clear and concise in your response. It is important to answer to the point and check you have so before proceeding. You need to be well prepared to deal with any objections and ask the questions you want to know.

Show Resilience: You should always mentally prepare yourself for a rejection and ask for detailed feedback in which you can act on the feedback and move forward.

Take Charge of Your Destiny: It is crucial to have self awareness and be courageous. You need to be well prepared with a strategy and a plan as well as seek out support from a sponsor or mentor from your network. It is important to practice and get confident for when an opportunity arises and be receptive to new ideas as well as open to change direction.


Overall, this year’s Women to Watch Awards and Leadership EMEA Conference proved to be a huge success thanks to all that contributed and we can’t wait for next year!


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