What a wonderful night at Park Theatre we had! Thank you to everyone who joined us, including 25 of our members,  for the viewing of “The Other Place” directed by Claire van Kampen. Additionally, we would like to give a special thank you to Park Theatre for hosting us! Park Theatre is a neighbourhood theatre with a global ambition and is committed to creating an environment that reflects the broad diversity of our local community.

A comment on the night  from an ISC member, Jacqueline Heron: 

“The Insurance Supper Club Theatre Group is just getting started, and what a great idea to support The Park Theatre,  based in Finsbury and committed to supporting its diverse community. 

The production of ‘The Other Place’ was absorbing and somewhat disorienting as the world we take for granted no longer makes sense, as seen through the eyes of a woman who is academically on top of her game when early onset dementia kicks in. Brilliantly acted, it was also emotionally exhausting.

In addition to seeing a fine performance of a well-crafted play, this was also a terrific way to connect with other women in the insurance industry through mutual interests.  More please!” 


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