Last night we were fortunate to attend the launch of the Insuring Women’s Futures (IWF) new research “Securing the financial future of the next generation”.


This new research analyses patterns in the risks to society that are disproportionately borne by women. It identifies six ‘Moments that Matter’ in girls’ and women’s lives, highlighting 12 ‘Perils and Pitfalls’ that aggregate in these moments, together with potential interventions for the profession, policymakers and society to improve women’s risk resilience.


The evening had a great atmosphere and was very well attended.


Sian Fisher, CEO of The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), opened the evening and explaining how IWF is aimed at promoting and enhancing the insurance and financial planning profession’s role in relation to Women & Risk


Jude Kelly, Artistic Director of the Southbank Centre, and creator of the name “IWF”, then explained how the report gave her a “white face” even though she is so proactively involved in supporting the advancement of women – Jude also runs the WOW festival in March. She ended with a quick inspirational speech directed at everyone in the room, “You’ve got one life. It’s yours. Let’s make the most of it!”.


Jane Portas, Partner at PWC and author of  Securing the financial future of the next generation, then took us on a journey, the journey of a young girl in today’s society. Through this story she identified the #6momentsthatmatter and the 12 ‘Perils and Pitfalls’ that aggregate in these moments, and delivered some rather shocking statements. We have listed a few below.


 “At 65-69 the average woman’s peak pension wealth is £35,700, 1/5th men’s.”

“Average care home cost of £132,000 for women entering a care home age 65-74 years”

“1 in 7 women in 40s caring for children and adult.”


We urge you to read this report and help reduce the risk for the next generation.



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