On the 26th March, Barbara Schonhofer, Founder of the ISC, attended the annual Risk Minds Insurance Conference to host two roundtable discussions on the benefits of Diversity & Inclusion for Insurance and Risk Management.


Over the lunch the ladies listed the actions that are needed to change intrenched views, and often unconscious bias, which can discourage women from staying in the industry and reaching their full potential.  It was strongly felt that women themselves are a very diverse group and all personality types are needed for a successful team that enhance business decisions.


We must all take positive action to encourage self-promotion of women if we are to retain and promote women for their full potential in risk.


To this end, today we individually pledge to:

“No more Manels” (men only panels)

“Sponsor another woman and her project”

“Why don’t you!” (encourage women)

“Talk about women’s success”

“Use social media to encourage women”


Please join us in making one of these actions your pledge or suggest others to add to the list.




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