The Insurance Supper Club is proud to announce our new recently appointed Corporate Member, Committee Members and Global Ambassadors.


“The powerful influence of the Insurance Supper Club on much needed culture change is further endorsed by Nicolas Aubert, UK Head of Willis Towers Watson UK, our newest Corporate Member.  We welcome Olivia Cooper, Willis Towers Watson, on to the ISC Management Committee along with Hilary Browne, representing Corporate Member AIG, endorsed by CEO Anthony Baldwin.  Thanks to the support of these and other Corporate Member business leaders, the ISC community has continued to expand internationally.  Together with our US Committee, Ambassadors Circle and the individual ISC Members, we will continue to proactively promote business initiatives that encourage and embolden female leadership and endorse best practice in the workplace for all.  The positioning of ISC as a voice of reason in culture change is crucial if we are to make a significant impact as an industry on this journey.”


Barbara Schönhofer, Founder and Chair of ISC



Newest UK Corporate Member





New Committee Members


Olivia Cooper

Hilary Browne



New Ambassadors


Alex Glickman

Alice Kane

Alice Schroeder

Barbara Bufkin

Bonnie Boone

Bonita Dorland

Claire McDonald

Cynthia Shoss

Dawn Miller

Day Bishop

Heather Masterson

Joan Lamm-Tennant

Kim Waller

LoriAnn Lowery-Biggers

Marylee O’Neill

Tricia Guinn

Robin Lenna

Sabrina Hart

Seraina Macia

Susan Holliday

Susan Sutherland


Note to Editors

About the Insurance Supper Club

The Insurance Supper Club (ISC) is a business network for women operating in, or involved with, insurance; providing an industry wide networking platform. ISC holds a number of different events throughout the year, bringing women (and men) together globally over business related topics.


As a group we are committed to supporting women throughout their career with a view to retaining more women in the industry and increasing the number in senior positions. We do this by encouraging women to achieve their aspirations and improving engagement within the industry.


Our aim is to:

•       Improve the networking opportunity for women

•       Proactively help identify and encourage diverse talent

•       Provide and improve accessibility of mentors for younger professionals

•       Collaborate with men to drive culture change

•       Expand our community within the industry globally



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