Gender Pay Gap Explained

I’m sure you’ve heard all about the upcoming deadline for UK companies with more than 250 employees  to begin reporting gender pay gap stats in March.  PDT has published the video below to help your team understand a bit more about gender pay gap and how the calculations are done.



“We are really happy to be bringing the gender pay gap to life, so please do share it around. As you know, this version is copyrighted to PDT Global, so although you can use it and share it with our compliments, it cannot be edited on your end. However, if you are interested in your own branded version – we are more than happy to provide that for you (charges will apply).

If this micro-learning experience gets people talking, we have a whole range of products you may be interested in, and if you have an idea in mind outside of our catalogue, we would be more than happy to collaborate and build you something to really engage your employees.”

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