The ISC is aimed at women in the insurance industry, both in the UK and internationally. In order to preserve the integrity and purpose of The ISC, the following general principles apply to membership:

  1. Membership is restricted to women only.
  2. Members will be board level and/or executive directors 
  3. Members shall derive from the insurance industry. A wide variety of roles across the industry is encouraged, and membership extends to professionals working in insurance-related and service industries.
  4. Membership is in the capacity of having a current/ recent, relevant role in the industry.
  5. Membership is by invitation of The ISC Management Committee, or nomination from an existing ISC member subject to the approval of The ISC Membership Committee determined in line with the membership criteria. The ISC Committee may delegate membership admission decisions to an ISC Membership Committee comprising members of The ISC Committee and of any ISC Management Committee. Decisions are made in line with the majority vote, and in the event of disagreement, determined by The ISC Chair.
  6. In order to be considered for membership, prospective members are required to provide biographical information in the requested format, which will then be uploaded to The ISC website upon approval as a member.
  7. Members are provided with a unique website log in to access details of other members. Members are requested to maintain the confidentiality of their access rights. Use of other members’ contact details must be for personal use only.
  8. Membership may be terminated at the discretion of The ISC Committee and is determined in line with the delegations set out in the above. Termination may be due to a member’s role ceasing to qualify, or in rare circumstances should a member’s behavior be deemed not to conform with The ISC Charter. In the case of the latter termination of membership, The ISC Committee must ratify such decision.


From time to time members may request to invite a guest to an ISC event. Members are expected to adhere to the form of request in introducing a guest and to be consistent with membership criteria. In the interests of inclusion, the ISC may also invite male guests to events or guests from outside the insurance industry.

Female guests may subsequently be invited to become ISC members, in line with membership criteria set out above.

In addition, the ISC has affiliations with women’s networks aimed at aspiring leaders (for example iWIN in the UK) and may refer individuals to such bodies if they do not fit the membership criteria.


The ISC and its members and guests are subject to the following confidentiality requirements:

  1. On occasion, discussions may operate under the Chatham House Rule, in such circumstances members and their guests are expected to conform to the request.
  2. All data handled by The ISC is subject to relevant data protection requirements and shall be upheld by members, guests and events’ hosts.


How to Join


If you or someone from organization is interested in becoming a member, please click here.

‘The Insurance Supper Club’ and the device mark are registered internationally as trade marks by the ISC.

No use may be made of such marks without the express prior written permission of the Insurance Supper Club. All rights reserved.


If you have a question, please email us and one of team will answer it as soon as possible.


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