A dynamic evening of networking and panel discussion took place around a presentation given by Max Pell, asking the question “Why is it ,that smart people can make such poor decisions in business and how important is diverse opinion in leadership in effecting better outcomes?”

Our panel for the evening were Barbara Schönhofer (EVP (UK) & CEO, International Executive Search, The Jacobson Group & ISC Founder), Angela Peacock (Managing Director, People Development Team) and Denise Wilson (Non-Executive Director, Ecclesiastical Insurance Group) with Kusia Pell (Global Content Strategy Director | Oil Council ) moderating.


Image of Max Pell“We were delighted by the success of the evening, the quality of the panel discussions and the engagement with the attendees. The ISC continues to be at the heart of the most interesting debates in the market” Max Pell, Managing Director XIS, XCS & Xchange Ltd.


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