Image of Inga Beale

Image of Inga BealeInsurance Supper Club committee member Inga Beale had been appointed as Chief Executive of Lloyd’s, one of the most high profile jobs in the global insurance industry. In this unprecedented move, Inga becomes the first woman to lead Lloyd’s in its 325-year history.

Lloyd’s was founded in Edward Lloyd’s coffee house in the City of London in 1688 to help merchants buy insurance for their ships. Not until 1973 was there a female broker on the dealing floor, and up until the 1980s women were banned from wearing trousers in the underwriting room.

Lloyd’s chairman, John Nelson, said: “I am absolutely delighted that we have appointed Inga as chief executive.”

Barbara Schönhofer said “This is an enormous move forward for such a traditional and established insurance market. Inga is tasked with further modernising the market and is taking the courageous step for all women in the insurance industry by accepting the role as the first female leader at Lloyd’s.”

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