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Last week, Karen Beales, Chief Executive Officer of UK General, spoke out in an article with the Insurance Times last week about how the industry has been “too slow to deal with gender equality and a conscious effort must now be made to overcome this”.


Karen explained that she’d been told at many stages in her career that she would never be able to get to where she is today because of her gender, despite having served as Managing Director of UK General for 5 years.


Karen did not take a career break to have children but emphasises that there are many skilled women who take career breaks who can still offer a lot to the industry, and larger firms and recruiters must take these skills into account when hiring.


The article went on to show the Gender Pay Gap of UK General.  As a company with less than 250 employees, they were not obliged to release their report however Karen did and the figure was in the mid 20s. Over the last year the company has employed notably more women, to which the CEO comments “we didn’t set out to promote more women in the business, but that it happened organically by looking at areas where it needed to improve and matching the skillset to that role”


See the full article here. 


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