Late last year the Old Library in the Lloyd’s building was turned into a concert hall for a musical event by a group of young performers from Gorton in Manchester.

This is an update of how the donations given at that event have benefited individuals and the group.

by Fr Andrew J Stringfellow

[bq_right][text size=”20″ width=”” height=”” line_height=”24″ color=”#2B82AE” font=”” margins=”” text_align=”” align=”alignnone” other=”” name=”” company=””]”[This has] enabled a number of really important things to happen: We have been in a position to hire a vocal coach and other professional musicians to run workshops and sessions with our young people.”[/text][text size=”” width=”” height=”” line_height=”” color=”” font=”” margins=”” text_align=”” align=”alignnone” other=”” name=”” company=””]Fr Andrew J Stringfellow[/text][/bq_right]

“Since the Lloyd’s concert a number of developments have occurred. Firstly and perhaps most importantly every one of the young people involved has grown in confidence. It was almost as if the penny dropped a few days later when people started to ask them: “How did you get to perform in that really cool building?” On the night itself, had the reality of where we were fully dawned, I think it might have overwhelmed them.

Secondly the money raised through our incredibly generous audience has enabled a number of really important things to happen: we have been in a position to hire a vocal coach and other professional musicians to run workshops and sessions with our young people both as a group and one on one. Some of the raw talent is being honed and given direction. We have been able to offer professional development and our regular meetings have taken on a new life. I think this regular upgrading has ensured the continued interest and commitment of the young people. In nearly 20 years of working with youth groups I’ve never known one last this long.

Another development has been the renovation of the parish hall where we meet. The money raised went a long way towards paying for a complete rewire; installation of a new ceiling and fantastic lighting. I’m a great believer that environments influence how we behave. In this case the young people are experiencing an ever improving facility and not only that, they know that they are a massive part of why that’s happening.

Our aim is that they may have life and have it to the full. Dignity, self esteem, confidence, all contribute to this. The enhanced work we have been able to do since the Lloyd’s building event are ensuring that life increases and improves. We are incredibly grateful to all those who supported us and continue to do so.

With regard to some of the performers:

Safe Gorton - Nicole Battick

Nicole Battick

[bq_right]Clinton’s solicitors have offered to represent Nicole for free and will network her within the music industry.[/bq_right]Nicole was the young lady who did a wonderful cover of ‘Listen’ by Beyonce. We were contacted by a lawyer from Clinton’s solicitors, on Drury Lane in London. They are the biggest music law firm in the country and act for The Who, Paul Weller and Noah and the Whale (their Bass player Matt was at the concert). They have offered to represent her for free and will network her within the music industry. She has a really powerful voice and has benefited tremendously with the vocal coaching paid for by the money raised. One specific piece of help Nicole has had has been with her breathing technique, with a voice so powerful, this is crucial and she has made a lot of progress. Watch this space.


Safe Gorton - Kesha Ellsi

Kesha Ellsi

[bq_left]Clinton’s also want to represent Kesha.[/bq_left]Kesha was the young lady who did the cover of ‘Youth’ by Daughter and she has a very unique style which sounds delicate and lilting whilst also being captivating. We invited members of Clinton’s to Lloyd’s and they want to represent Kesha too. We hope to go to London soon so she can record some songs track with one of the lawyers. Kesha is also benefiting from the vocal coaching and we are also teaching her to play guitar. Also, watch this space.


We continue to attract new additions with two more girls joining this week. We are also in contact with the local schools for any more potential talent to join us.

We have been asked to write a couple of songs to be performed at Holy Name RC Church on Sunday 11th May during a service for those who have been touched by cancer, the service theme is ‘Pause for Hope’. There are more concerts in the pipeline but there are no dates as yet.”

Report of the original event




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