Last week the ABI released some data they have collected through one of the most comprehensive talent and diversity surveys undertaken by the insurance and long-term savings sector.




The data revealed that 4 in 5 insurers have diversity strategies in place but only 1 in 5 top jobs are held by women. Despite a gender split of 50/50 across all levels, only 21% of executive and 21% of board positions are held by women.


The survey also highlighted that the sector’s workforce is currently represented by 16% black, Asian or ethnic minority.


Other key findings included:

78% of companies have a diversity and inclusion strategy, with 74% having an executive sponsor for diversity and inclusion

73% of firms have an executive or management development programme that prioritises good gender balance, while 56% have a development programme targeting those that may be underrepresented

78% of companies have already provided unconscious bias training for staff

For parents, 33% of firms have a returnship programme to help them with their return to work.


Read the full report here


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