At the beginning of March, we hosted a private dinner graciously sponsored by AXA and hosted by Claudio Gienal, CEO of AXA UK. The evening proved to be a great success with 24 attendees who all contributed to excellent conversation and debate.

The theme for the evening was “Climate Change” and we were joined by guest speaker Gareth Redmond King, Head of Climate Change at the WWF. Gareth shared his knowledge on climate change with us and discussed the current state of play in terms of climate change impacts and actions. He spoke about how it is extremely critical now for businesses to decide whether they should prepare for a 1.5 degree world, or for a climate breakdown world. Customers will increasingly make judgements based on which, but so too should investors. This is very impactful for the insurance industry as they are at the forefront of all of this because costs of impacts will be evident before they are in other sectors. The insurance indsutry will see the risk more clearly than some sectors – understanding the risk is the key business in this industry however, it is time to up the ante and think not just about the business but the society in which the business operates.

Additionally, we had valuable additional contribution of Dr Nina Seega who joined us in her capacity as Research Director for Sustainable Leadership, Cambridge Institute (CSIL). Dr Nina Seega quotes “It was my pleasure to engage with members of Insurance Supper Club on sustainable finance. The discussion centred on climate risks and opportunities and closed with thinking about practical steps that could be taken by participants to make their businesses more sustainable. It is fantastic to see focus on action as the distinguishing feature of the ISC. I look forward to continuing our conversation in the future.”

Thank you to Gareth Redmond King for sharing his wealth of knowledge with us and thank you to everyone that contributed to a magnificent event and helped to raise awareness about such a crucial topic.


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