The Insurance Supper Club held our annual dinner on 25th May and we would like to thank XLCatlin once again for their excellent hospitality for the 4th year running. We were immensely proud to bring together in one room, two of the UK’s leading philanthropists on green energy and the environment, to talk to us about what is happening to mother earth and how we can participate as individuals and as an industry in making a difference.

Our host Andrew McMellin and global boss Mike McGavick demonstrated clearly that they are up for the changes needed to make us a better prepared industry on a number of levels for what comes next.  Mike commented when he arrived at our event on the tremendous energy in the room and asked if our events were always so energised!  We found it very interesting to hear from Mike about the group of global insurance industry leaders who are suppressing their natural commercial and competitive instincts and opening up to cross company collaboration as an enabler to people out of poverty, sustainable energy and climate related issues.  Our keynote speakers, Catherine Bryan, Synchronicity Earth and Sarah Butler-Sloss, Ashden certainly pinpointed the importance of people in insurance engaging with what is really happening with the environment and the inevitable impact on lives which inspired much table conversation during the evening.



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